Lizave is a Ukrainian artist and colorist.

Education: Kyiv State Institute of Decorative and Applied Art and Design named after M. Boychuk.
Her works are a fusion of graphic design and neo primitivism.

The creative work of Lizave evolves around a Woman. By picturing her characters naked, she signs praises of feminine beauty, sensuality, sexuality, and naturality. Lizave pictures a woman as a symbol of the universe, the essence of a family.

By combining what seems uncombinable and doing it bravely, by choosing contrasting colors, she initiates a contradiction that evolves in harmony. In her synthesis of neo primitivism and graphic design, Lizave creates vibrant pieces of art that are distinct in their simplicity of form and rich expressiveness.

“I am the kind of artist who doesn’t picture violence or politics or environmental problems. For me, the art is not about pointing out to the imperfections of our society. My works are free from negativity in all forms, and I do this consciously as I firmly believe that the role of artist is to help people notice and feel the beauty and harmony of the world.

I never know what my next work will be like. I never make plans. The images appear by themselves, and I just let them be”.


If you are interested in collaboration, want to order an artwork or just say hello, please get in touch with me via email!