Unravel yourself – bare your body and soul. Stir the miracle with the weight of your body. Rush to take pleasure in the rules of life, leaving behind the delusive vestment of existence. Open your arms to madness, be bold in sin without violating your moral boundaries. Chase away the insipid filth. Let sensuality dominate over reason, emotion over monotony. Let the meaning of life become second nature; unite the need to comprehend and the desire to enrich.

Naked and inspired is the world – noble is the search and gorgeous is the illusion of incompleteness and imperfection. Throw away vapidity; don’t praise the outer gloss. Give heed to the whisper from within, reach to the gates of the sanctuary of beauty. Abstain from absorbing fuss, it drags us into the deep, and avoid assimilating with the orphaned soul living on memories.

Pay respect and esteem to the artist who is tirelessly feeding on their voracity for the sublime, for the art.


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